Once A Week Weekly Deodorant

Wipe 1 time, last 1 week.
Enjoy all healthy activities with natural freshness, sweat without stress, while “it” last with "Once a Week Weekly Deodorant".

Introduced by Pio Research, USA, Once a Week is the world’s First and One and Only weekly deodorant. With just one application, "Once A Week" delivers 5 to 7 days of efficacy; regardless sweating or bathing.

Unlike other deodorants, "Once A Week" does NOT disguise odor with fragrance NOR clog pores to stop healthy sweating.

In essence, being, the world’s BEST and REAL, "Once A Week" It is not a chemical but simply a biological approach to get rid of body odor. Naturally while safe-guarding personal hygiene.

Simplest! The grease-free "Once A Week" is 100% water soluble. Rinse hands with water after application and you are good to go for days!

Special Feature

● Once A Week (OAW) weekly deodorant wipe is the world's first weekly form of deodorant. OAW is the ultimate answer to ALL natural body odors. By tracing back to the source, OAW was developed to correctly solve body odor problems with precision. OAW is the world's first and only water-based deodorant of which more than 80% is water. Whatever you do, OAW protects you.

● OAW safeguards you with week-long protection without any disruption even after series of excessive sweating such as from heavy workout, hiking, cycling, swimming, skiing, dancing, bathing, etc... With OAW, you will enjoy everything to the fullest, stress-free with confidence for days ahead

A Revolutionary Approach: Bio-technological Treatment

● By tracing back to the source, OAW was developed through research to correctly solve body odor problems with precision.
● OAW does NOT work as a chemical substance to stop body odor. It works to assure personal hygiene by inhibiting harmful bacteria that produces foul smell. This task enables OAW to deliver lasting efficacy for days.
● OAW is not chemical; but true profound biological. The philosophy of OAW is based on the use of living micro-organisms (friendly bacteria: Pio-Lactobacillus) to solve chronic biological problems: body odor. Pio–Lactobacillus was developed to neutralize 'body-odor-causing' bacteria colonizing 20 to 30 layers of dead skin cells on human skin. Through metabolism process, the “bacteria-free” dead skin cell layers take 5 to 7 days to be washed away. During this interval, odorless condition is maintained as the skin surface is free from bacteria and those that produce body odor.

Innovative Deodorant

Not only is OAW the Weekly deodorant that gives 24hr-weeklong-over-ALL activities protection, OAW is also the World's first
● Healthy Deodorant It does not interfere with natural metabolism (Perspiration) and does not clog pores. Encourage users to enjoy sweat without “fear” while free from odor. Protect users over ALL activities.
● Confidence-booster Deodorant, It the ONLY deodorant in the world that guarantees zero-odor condition within the time frame of protection*; regardless sweat or stress. (*Time frame of protection varies individually; from 5 to 7 days)
● Personal Hygiene Deodorant, It inhibits harmful bacteria including those that produce foul odors. No bacteria, no odor.
● Water Deodorant, More than 80% of it is water and it does not work as a chemical substance to stop body odor, does not cause irritation to skin.
● Sport Deodorant, Sweat-and-bath-proof: The only deodorant in the world that allows users to sweat without odor. Gives users 100% body odor free over all kind of activities.
● Instant Deodorant, It wipes away odor with immediate effect
● Green Deodorant, It’s environmentally friendly, from production to packaging. There is no heavy-metal chemical or combustion reaction in the production of “Once a week”. All material used are sustainable or recyclable.
● Dream Deodorant, It offers everything any traveler or deodorant user look for; Convenient, Disposable: One-time usage, and week-long protection.
*** Once A Week is an U.S FDA VCRP Approved product, and has been clinically tested

The Revolutionary Product

● By tracing back to the source, Once A Week was developed with a sole purpose in mind, which is to solve body odor problems with the utmost efficiency and effectiveness.
● Once A Week does not work as a chemical substance to stop body odor. It works to assure personal hygiene by inhibiting the bacteria that produces foul smell. And this enables Once A Week to deliver lasting efficiency for days.
● Once A Week is as mild as baby shampoo to the skin. In fact, OAW consists of significantly more water, anddoes not use or contain heavy metals that some recent studies believe may have caused skin cancers.
● OAW has been clinically tested and proved to cause no skin irritation. OAW is practically water and is safe for all users.
● For easy application and convenience, OAW was engineered to come in the form of disposable wipes. Our wipe design allows OAW to be adequately and evenly spread over on the skin according to users' desires.

The Philosophy Behind Once A Week – Belief in Healthy Lifestyles

Perspiration is a part of Metabolism process. Anti-perspirants or any attempt to stop perspiration are unhealthy. OAW is not an anti-perspirant and does not clog pores. In pursuit of offering users healthy lifestyles, OAW allows users to enjoy healthy perspiration while being rid of all body odors.

The Product

Once A Week Weekly Deodorant, Zero-odor 120HR+
Simply the BEST!
​Once A Week is a dream deodorant. It is water-based, alcohol-free, grease-free, colorless, fragrance-free, and stain free and Once A Week is by far the mildest deodorant (in terms of chemical property) that on the contrary; delivers a 24hr-week-long efficacy. Once A Week is the world's first and only 100% water-soluble deodorant of which more than 80% is water.

Once A week not chemical, but pure biological solution through research. It is the safest and most effective deodorant for all skins.
Package 1 packs x 3 Disposable Wipes

Product Facts

● Without a trace
● Zero-Stickiness
● 100% Water-soluble
● 100% Alcohol-free
● Stain-free
● Colorless
● Fragrance-free
● Does not clog pores
● Suitable for ALL skin types, is gentle to sensitive skin and has been clinically tested
● A U.S FDA's VCRP product. Clinically tested

Direction for use

Used only as directed
- 1 wipe for 1 application to efficiently produce week long protection.
- Application ambiance: in-door and avoid of any sunlight

Application: Use Damp towel to clean odorous skin area. Then, targeted skin area must be cool and dry before gently rubbing on. Application must be THOROUGH over targeted skin area to effective. Dispose used wipe and rinse hands thoroughly with water after each application. Let cool and completely dry (approx. 3 to 5 mins) before dressing. Best used after sundown.

Body Odor

Bromhidrosis or body odor (also called bromhidrosis, osmidrosis and ozochrotia) is the smell of bacteria growing on outmost skin layer of the body. These bacteria multiply considerably in the presence of sweat, but sweat itself is almost totally odorless. Body odor is associated with the hair, feet, crotch (upper medial thigh), anus, skin in general, breasts, armpits, genitals, pubic hair, and mouth.

Body odor is specific to the individual, and can be used to identify people, though this is more often done by dogs than by humans. An individual's bodily odor is also influenced by diet, gender, genetics, health, medication, occupation, and mood.

Promising Results

Data from our clinical tests with multi-ethnic sample tests demonstrated the week-long efficacy of OAW.

Results from a the survey on multi-ethnic wipe testers show that 95% of the users were impressed and satisfied with OAW as a discreet form of deodorant, as once you apply it, it simply leaves no trace.

Studies conducted during winter season and in warm and humid conditions - including being wrapped in thick winter outfits, swimming, bathing, sitting in a sauna, working out on a treadmill, etc - also showed the lasting efficacy.